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Terra Nullius started to develop in November of 2016, shortly after finding out that I was to become a father. While reading on child development, I came across Donald Winnicott's "Transitional Object", which is an object used to provide psychological comfort, especially in unusual situations. This often comes in the form of a blanket.  Winnicott wrote of the anxiety faced by children needing to deal with separation anxiety from their mother, who was their entire world. Blankets develop a deep symbolism for all of us, giving a sense of emotional security for the rest of our lives. 

This series depicts a new space, a transitional landscape.  A society that we can strive for.  Terra Nullius is historically a term used for annexing uninhabited land. This is our new uninhabited space, a universal common ground. Between the pictures I create exists an entire world where all people can feel safe.

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